Monique Pages
was born on
April 23th, 1942, in Pau, Pyrenees Atlantiques, France.

My training in biology led me soon to drawing, and then I succeeded in painting.

Contrast is the word which fits the best way to my approach, in plastic arts, and my personality too.

When I work on a theme, that concept does not become evident immediately. So after many sketches, only one will let me go on because it is the one in which I find myself.

When my impulses overtake my mind, only abstraction allows me to show my feelings and their intensity.

Yet, for more classical works, the spontaneity of the creation becomes predominant. Contrast will come through the strength of dashes, complementarity of colours, shades and lights, inclusions, diversification of supports. I like to play with materials, various inclusions, sculptures…

During the private view of my first exhibition, in 2002, I heard that astonishing comment said by a painter «  she is a woman the one who painted that ».

The aim of my research ‘have people feel emotions without talks  - C. Boltanski’



Personnelles :
Novembre 2002 Centre Albert Camus – Séméac
Mars-Avril 2003 Le Grillon
Janvier 2004 Sud-Ouest Mutualité
Août-Septembre 2004 L’avion Bleu

Mai-Juin 2002 Huesca
Décembre 2003, exposition franco- espagnole Tarbes Llerida
Octobre 2004 des guerres… des vies…, église St Jean Tarbes

Sélections :
Brive 1999
Blagnac 1999
Blagnac 2003
Prix :
Bergerac 2002, 5ème
Tarbes 2004, 1er prix de l’Office du Tourisme

Tarbes 2006, 1st prize comité des fêtes de Tarbes